Browse our extensive selection of TWP branded wine accessories and select your favourite tools for your events and gifting. Accessories need to be ordered together with the wines.

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  1. ¥ 10

    TWP Gift Bag

    Size: L10.5cm x W10cm x H38cm
    Material: 250g Art Paper
    TWP white & red logo

    A simple & elegant gift bag, with black rope handles, reinforcement board on the top & bottom for extra strength, designed to fit 1 bottle of any kind including sparkling wine. Gloss finish to protect the surface from dampness & scuff marks.

  2. ¥ 50

    TWP Cooler Bag

    Size: L11cm x W10cm x H34.5cm
    Material: Black oxford fabric + gold foil chilling liner
    TWP metallic gold logo

    Stylish cooler bag made from premium materials for maintaining the bottle temperature during transportation. You will never be embarrassed to enter a restaurant again with this designer wine bag which doubles as an elegant gift option.

  3. ¥ 25

    TWP Ice Bag

    Size: L12cm x W12cm x H26cm
    Material: Transparent (non-toxic) PVC
    TWP white & red logo

    Cool & modern transparent ice bag with practical handles, to be filled with ice & water to chill your wine on-the-go, use at outdoor events or on your table as ice bucket. Easy to fold & store.

Items total 3