Blowfish Wines AUS

Crafted in the established Riverlands wine region of Southern Australia, Blowfish wines are free-spirited and youthful. They are here to be the life of the party and make people smile, embodying energy, freedom and fun. Label by Milestone Beverages, a Hong Kong-based enterprise who partners up with wineries all over the world to create quality brands for the international marketplace.

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  1. Country Australia
    Region South East Australia
    Grape Blend - Red
    ¥ 99

    Blowfish Cabernet-Merlot

    Medium body blend of juicy Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, with flavours of blackberries, ripe plums and a touch of spice. Pairs well with charcuterie & red meat stews.

    Wine type: Red Wine
    Vintage: 2017

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